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The physiological restoration of dermal elasticity

The KappaElastin™ innovation
Scientifically proven results
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KappaElastin™, a pure soluble protein was developed by a group of medical researchers working at the CNRS, a major European scientific and medical research center, consists of peptides with molecular weight included between 10 000 and 70 000 derived by partial hydrolysis of cross-linked elastin.

KappaElastin™ has the same composition as the elastin molecule in the human body, especially the amino-acids Desmosin-Isodesmosin cross linkup.

KappaElastin™ is the complete active molecule of elastin and the only one able to regenerate, renew and increase the level of natural elastin in our skin.

It is soluble in aqueous and organic media and can therefore be incorporated into cosmetic preparations due to its very small molecular weight and its compatibility with lipophylic solvents.

Elastin vs KappaElastin™ molecule

As there are strong hydrophobic interactions between KappaElastin™ peptides in an aqueous medium, at 37°C, KappaElastin™ coacervates* at the physiological PH of the skin.

When applied daily, KappaElastin™ stimulates the production of elastin. It covers the skin with a fine protective layer and its action inhibits the skin’s aging process.
KappaElastin™: The basis of skin elasticity and softness

 The biological clock explains the elastin depletion of skin with aging

 KappaElastin™ restores the skin's elasticity 

KappaElastin™ confers elasticity to the skin
   Untreated skin                                Elastin

AFTER two weeks
   Treated Skin                                    Elastin

Coacervation is a positive test to indicate the presence of the helix structure (cross linking regions containing peptidic bonds): process fibrilogenesis. 


  • Anti-wrinkle & Anti-Age
  • Hydrating & Nutritive
  • Anti-Relaxation (Skin Tenser) & Regenerating
  • Invigorating

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